About the Obstetric Fistula Advocacy Group


This site has been set up to assist women in developed countries who have suffered from an Obstetric Fistula.

A fistula is a medical condition where a fistula (hole) develops between two major body parts, but most commonly found between either the rectum and vagina (Rectovaginal Fistula or RVF) or the bladder and vagina (Vesicovaginal Fistula or VVF) after childbirth or due to Crohns disease. It is debilitating, humiliating and women are housebound, fearful of incontinence embarrassing them at the shops. They are unable to work or care for their babies and children. While it is extremely common in developing countries such as Ethiopia and the Congo, Doctors would have us believe that fistula is eradicated in developed countries such as Australia, America, Canada or the United Kingdom.

This is absolutely not true.

In fact, Obstetric Fistula does occur in developed countries and the numbers are increasing, due in part to surgical error and a drop in quality health care.

When this happened to me 14 years ago, there was nothing for women like me. All websites were focused on those suffering in developing countries and nearly all of them stated that ‘obstetric fistula only occurs in developing countries and is eradicated in developed countries’.

This website is not about fund raising, it is about raising awareness.  We want to raise awareness for this insidious condition.


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