Sarah’s visit to Uganda, Africa

Recently one of our Living with Obstetric Fistula members travelled to Uganda to visit the Fistula clinics.

Last year Sarah was instrumental in highlighting our plight on American TV when she and her surgeon talked about Obstetric Fistula on the American Doctors show. As a result of this, she was given the opportunity to travel with a group of volunteers who were taking over medication and surgical equipment to the fistula clinics.  Like all volunteers these people take time out of their own life to help others less fortunate and we thank them for the work they do for other  women like us.

Sarah kindly shared some of her photos with us.

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3 comments on “Sarah’s visit to Uganda, Africa

  1. Thanks for this site .im having depression now.due to my vvf that just find out 3 days ago.Help me overcome my situation now. Thanks everyone.God bless you all.!!

    • Hi Chona, if you are on Facebook please consider joining our ‘Living with Obstetric Fistula’ group. The group is secret to preserve security of our members. If you would like to join I can send you an email invite. Gaby

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