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Top six developed countries with Obstetric Fistula

In 2012 the United Nations put out a report stating that Obstetric Fistula has been eradicated in developed countries. It was a pretty arrogant statement considering the women I had met and spoken to since 2011 who have suffered this debilitating condition and the fact that the UN offered no explanation as to how they came to this conclusion.

So it was for precisely this reason that this website was born. As a journalist and OF sufferer I was pretty incensed by the UNs comments, so much so that I created this website as a result. Since then I have been gathering data on women with OF in developed countries – where they are from, how the OF occurred – and compiled this information into a spreadsheet.

Today I am releasing numbers on the top six developed countries with Obstetric Fistula. You be the judge as to whether this condition has been eradicated or not.

OF in developed countries_Top 6_2014

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