Occupational Therapy and OF – guest blog

OHF_FacebookCoverHere is another informative article from the World Wide Fistula Fund on OT and obstetric fistula ‘Occupational Therapy and Obstetric Fistula’. The guest writer for this blog was Dr. Cambey Mikush, a recent graduate from Washington University in St. Louis with a doctorate in Occupational Therapy.


Whilst not related to whats really happening in developed countries, it is interesting to see that the younger generation are highlighting the plight of women with OF.

As always I will continue to advocate for women in developed countries and contact the guest writers to let them know we exist.



2 comments on “Occupational Therapy and OF – guest blog

  1. Suggestion; People with Obstetric Fistula in developed countries – UK, Canada etc, Should contact Dr Kees Waarldjik for proper management.

    • Hi,
      Where is Dr Kees Waarldjik located? Dr Judith Goh is the only surgeon who is qualified in Australia (she trained and volunteers at the Addis Abi fistula clinics. I only recommend surgeons who have actual training and experience repairing obstetric fistula, many colorectal surgeons attempt OF repairs but do not have the specialised knowledge necessary.

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